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New Business Consulting

We make managing a new business feel simple.

There are 4 popular questions, people love to ask us…

“Do I really need a legal entity to protect myself from business liability?” 

“Why does it matter if my business incorporated?” 

“Are there really potential tax benefits when owning a corporation?” 

“Do I really need the additional protection of limited liability by owning a corporation or LLC?”

We offer diverse consulting options for the business owners. They include:

Executive Coaching
If you’re striving to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive global economy, you need to ensure that you’re optimizing the many opportunities that are available to you. We’ll provide you with a fresh perspective, offering recommendations to help you bring your venture to the next level. We believe that a thriving business is built upon a foundation of good relationships. We’ll work to help you maximize the value in those relationships, while also providing other advice to help you elevate your business. Our seasoned executive coaches are available to assist in all of these areas. We’ve worked with the best of the best and we’re ready to share our valuable insight with you, giving you the knowledge and strategy you need to succeed.
Sales Optimization
Streamline and optimize your sales process, marketing approach and other sales-related operations. We’ll be there through every phase, including the exploratory consultation phase, the needs analysis phase, the observation and development phase, along with the design and implementation phase. We’ll then create a sales optimization strategy to supercharge your profits and sales volume!
Exit Strategy Planning
Many business owners fail to plan for their exit strategy.

  • How do you want to hand off your business to a family member or sell it to the highest bidder?
  • Do you know the steps necessary to sell your business for the maximum profit available?
  • How do you want to depart on your terms, quickly, or over the course a period of time?
  • What do you want your legacy to be in the company?

We work with business owners to get answers to these questions and build a team of experts to assist with the exit strategy.

Business Start Up
We prepare all the documents necessary to incorporate or form an LLC under the laws of the State of Florida. We operate as an independent non-lawyer document preparation service in the State of Florida. We have been preparing the documents up LLC’s and Corporation for years. In those years, we have helped many small business people incorporate their businesses to become a new legal entity. These forms will cover all aspects of your Florida Corporation / LLC, including the names, officers/managers, and stockholders/members. We handle the typing up of the documents in our office and our clients to review all the details of the paperwork. Have successfully assisted in preparing the documents for new 501c3 charities as well.  It is the personalized support that ensures the best quality finished documents. The understanding in the beginning conversations help us with the preparation and follow-up ensures we stay on the same page.

  • 1st: Articles of Incorporation
  • 2nd: ByLaws for the corporation
  • 3rd: Stock Certificate
  • 4th: Federal Tax ID Form
  • 5th: IRS Sub-chapter Selection form (Optional)
Business Rescue & Turnaround
“Rescuing an organization is about confronting the critical factors that are threatening the survival of the business.  In most cases, the solutions and results needed reside beyond the management team’s ability and can only be resolved by experts.” says our turnaround expert.  The key words are “confronting”, “critical factors”, and “results”.
Process Improvement
Process improvement is the key to boosting efficiency, whether it’s your sales process or in-house processes and procedures. We’ll work to identify problem areas, we’ll develop strategies for improvement, and we’ll even offer guidance as you oversee the implementation of those new and improved processes.