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Graphic Design Services by Graphic Designers that are also Fine Artists at the i4 advertising agency in the Metro Orlando Area of Florida. From graphic design to logos for advertising campaigns we can do it!

  • Hand Drawn Artwork 86% 86%
  • Every Door Direct Mailers Designs 78% 78%
  • Magazine and Newspaper Ad Spots 81% 81%
  • Photo Enhancements 72% 72%
  • Social Media and Blog Designs 92% 92%
  • CPM Display Ad Designs 96% 96%
  • Enhancement Stock Company Images 94% 94%
  • Email Blast Graphic Designs 92% 92%
  • Logo Designs 82% 82%

Graphic Design Services – i4 Advertising Agency

i4 Advertising Agency is a creative branding agency founded by a core team of fine artists and senior-level creative minds who play well together. With a combined industry experience of over 15 years, you could say we play nicely with our clients too.

We at the i4 Advertising Agency believe hard work combined with smart, inspired thinking leads to great things. Unique things. The very things a consumer audience thirsts after and seeks out, because of the fact it’s different, new or unique. Most of our graphic designs are hand drawn. Most of it is done, during or after having several conversations with you! We show you the hand drawn draft, you approve it, and then we digitalize it. So, your artwork is really yours – you can trademark the image because it was made for you (we don’t use copyrighted template artwork)!

We have a passion for what we do, and it shows. Whether it’s a completely new brand, an annual report, a website, or a poster for a good cause, we believe that good design artwork really speaks to people. We’re here to ensure it does for you too.

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