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Step 1: Brand Strategy Development Session

Our Branding Process can help

your Business Grow

because we offer custom

branding concepts that work…

We have a process for growing businesses. All of our new prospective clients first meet with us about how we do business. We work on retainer and we offer custom branding concepts that will help your business grow. Making a logo is easy but making a logo that fits your business and evokes emotion causing a potential buyer to take action – well that’s another story.

Once your business agrees to our retainer fee and its terms, we first begin the branding process with a discovery strategy session. This discovery will be in-depth and extremely thorough because we want to understand the essence of your business. We will schedule 2-hour or 4-hour meeting with you and your key decision makers about how you want to your business to look and feel. We will go into great detail about your business and what you want/need from us.  We discuss measurements, desired outcomes, and request information from you. Our advertising agency’s artists have been known to literally hand draw concepts during the meeting, which our clients say is magical to watch. (So, your custom branding concepts are really yours! You can copyright & trademark your custom made concepts because it was made for you!)

Step 2: Brand Strategy Session Follow Up – The Stylescapes

After the discovery strategy session ends of the branding process, we will begin making ‘style scapes’.  These will represent a direction to move towards for your brand. Generally, we will prepare 2 or 3 based on our conversation in the discovery strategy session.  We will continue the conversation around the style scapes and determine which is best for your business. Again, we request all the decision makers of your business to be present at this second strategy meeting. We will take time to answer questions, listen to your opinions, and come to an agreement on the overall style of your brand.

Step 3: Brand Development Execution

Promoting Your Brand 

After the second strategy meeting / the follow up meeting, we will begin execute the strategies agreed upon.  To us branding is the best marketing and advertising tool. Brand Management tied with ads that are an extension of your brand language and essence. Our experience in traditional print advertising, outdoor, radio, and now online allows us to deliver fresh ideas that grab your audience’s attention while staying on strategy.

From fully branded, corporate websites to social media opportunities, we provide all manner of digitally brand management services. Where ever your brand reaches its audience, we can tailor it to speak in a consistent, strategic voice. And while technology applications seem to change on a daily basis, good creative doesn’t. It communicates regardless of the medium or device. Print is dead? Hardly. Print is a vital communication tool that goes hand in hand with your digital media. One shouldn’t exist without the other. And while new technology continues to dazzle and amaze, there are plenty of opportunities.  Call us now – 855.4WEBSEO

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