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Thinking about a website? Good, you should be. Your business needs one. Here’s one myth about getting a website.

A website seems so sterile and impersonal. It won’t add to “our kind” of a customer base that was built on personal relationship.

This statement is commonly made by specialty shop owners and real estate agents. Real estate agents will add “I already invest high dollars in space advertising.” This might seem odd because the business owners that say this are some of the nicest people I’ve met – and are usually sound business people. They know how to treat a customer or client with special care.

However, they don’t understand that all kinds of people use the internet to access information. The internet, unlike advertising mediums, does not target a set demographic. Magazines, Newspapers, Television, Radio — are all demographically based. Family Circle will always target women between the ages of 25 and 35 that have young children. Country music radio stations target a specific audience as do Cable news programs or shows like Sesame Street.

The Internet gives everyone access, targeting no one in particular. The Internet user chooses where to look, just as they choose what newspaper to buy or what television program to watch. If your business is not there, it won’t be found.

There are over 8 billion web pages indexed in the Google search engine. The top three commercial markets on the web are Technology, Real Estate, and Travel. Technology businesses know they need a website. If you’re in real estate (even an individual agent) YOU NEED A WEBSITE. If your business markets to travelers accommodations, restaurant, specialty shopping, tickets, travel wear, recreational products, travel gear, animal care, children’s activities) YOU NEED A WEBSITE. Statistics show that 7 out of 10 people will go to the internet for information before they purchase real estate or set a travel itinerary.

A website usually is rather impersonal — and that’s a good thing. When people use the internet they want information, not a personal relationship. The information will bring them to you. You create the relationship.

A website gives you a higher number of potential customers to create a relationship with. If internet users don’t find you on the web, they’ll seek out your competitors who have websites. | 407-416-1515 | |

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