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Meet The Agency’s President

Ed Pisani Jr., Advertising Agency President

A Message from the Agency’s President:

Thanks for visiting my website to learn more about i4 Advertising Agency. My team of fine artists are ready and waiting to help you achieve your branding goals.

As a veteran marketing and advertising professional with years of experience. I am excited to help you grow your brand.

From new businesses to established businesses, we treat everyone with respect and a quick friendly response time.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

– Ed

P.S. Since customer service is one of my top priorities – feel good knowing that I will strive hard to acheive the results you are looking for.

Why Choose Us

Small-business owners are experts in the businesses they own or partner in. Most times, they are not necessarily professional advertisers. A professional advertising agent generally has 5 to 10 years experience in the industry and went to college for a degree in business, advertising, or some variation of advertising. Most professional advertising agents have a specialization in: art design, web design, branding, advertising, sales marketing, copywriting, fine art, and so on.

New business owners wanting to build their brand overnight plus those veteran business people wanting a quick fix to cash-flow issues, often believe that throwing money at advertising it the answer to all their fears and concerns. They generally come to me looking for two things: an increase sales and high paying work immediately. Neither of these happens quickly because they did not plan out an ad campaign strategy that ties effectively into their brand.  When not understanding factors such as website authority, web ranking, SEO, the age of the brand, lack of brand knowledge in the area, confusing copy in the print collateral vs. what is online, and other important factors – it can cause serious issues towards growing a business correctly.

So how do we achieve that?  Well, it’s simple, every time a new client is interested in our services. They agree to sign up for our retainer services, then we begin with a strategy session where we sit down to discuss the business.  Everything from A to Z is reviewed – we need to know as much as possible to effectively create a brand / re-brand / effective ad campaign for your business. The business needs to identify measurements to success and desired results that realistic to the local marketplace. Remember, a successful branding/ad campaign takes planning, industry knowledge, knowledge of the area, goals, desired outcomes, proper print collateral as well as an aligned online presence, and a defined timeline to grow the brand or product image in the community, and a little luck doesn’t hurt either. No matter if you’re looking at SEM, social media marketing, direct mail, EDDM, promotional materials, a new logo, an updated website, an AdWords campaign, or print collateral — none of them work overnight and all of them will not work without a predetermined plan.

After the strategy session is completed, we will design a style scape to review with you. The style scape will set the direction of your overall campaign and brand for the future.  It will determine colors, fonts, theme, style, logo, slogan, and so on. Next, we move into the next phase which is to implement production on various goals such as a clean website and print collateral just to name a few. After you approve the work done, we move towards our next phase which is promoting your business with an online or print advertising campaign. If you interested in learning contact us at 407-416-1515!

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