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Know Your Audience
It’s pointless investing time or money in developing your brand without first ascertaining what will resonate with your audience, and to understand your customer’s habits, wants and needs it is essential to talk to them; knowing your audience is the first and most important task in building a brand.
Color and design matter
Your visual identity, including your logo, is a consumer’s first encounter with your brand, so it must create the right impression.
Unless you’re a graphic designer, avoid the DIY approach and invest in a professional designer to create and develop your logo.
To keep your brand identity consistent across all media channels, create a set of brand guidelines containing detailed information on the color palette, fonts, and tone of voice to be used in your branding, along with other elements such as how your brand should appear on staff uniforms, marketing literature and advertising materials.
Finally, don’t ruin your brilliant branding by giving your brand a bad name. A brand name can have a detrimental effect on your overall brand awareness, so choose it carefully. A brand name must reinforce the key elements or objectives of your business because, ultimately, the more it communicates to your audience about your business and what it provides, the less effort you’ll expend trying to explain it.
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