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“But … We Can’t Afford to Do Branding”
Actually, you can’t afford not to. Sure, branding can get incredibly expensive if your idea of branding is a nationwide television and print campaign. But it doesn’t need to be.
Here are 4 tips you can start on today to help your small business create, build and reinforce brand:
-Start with clarifying what your brand stands for. What’s that “one thing” you want customers to think of, when thinking of your company? How will you STAND OUT? Are you the most knowledgeable? — that is, your representatives can help the customer choose options in a complicated product environment; Speed — such as your 10-minute lunch menu, or same-day delivery, or fastest time to create a customized solution; high quality — especially when all the competition is low quality;
-Think it through. If you or your team are confused about that “one thing” that sets your company apart, customers probably will be, too.
-If you’re not sure what this is, find out. Schedule a strategy session and hash it out with your team. Do a customer survey to ask existing customers what they value most. Start asking new customers what made them choose your company or product or service.
-Try to limit it to one thing or at most two things you want your brand to be known for. If you end up with a laundry list of 20 things, go back to the drawing board and narrow it down. Customers don’t choose a vendor for 20 reasons. It’s usually one or two reasons that push them over the decision edge.
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